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You Can’t Make Money From Door Drops, Can You?

You Can’t Make Money From Door Drops, Can You?

You Can’t Make Money From Door Drops, Can You?

How many times have we all heard people say, “Leaflet distribution doesn’t work,” and the people who have said it really believe it?

Perhaps you are one of many people who have tried a door drop campaign and have seen it fail dismally, leaving you out of pocket and anti-door drops forever.

This bad experience has made you fearful of venturing back into letterbox marketing, and who can blame you. No one wants to throw good money away.

But what has brought you to this conclusion, and what will make you change your mind?

There are several reasons why you may be adverse to leaflet marketing;

Your last campaign did not produce anywhere near the results you expected.
You distributed to the wrong area.
You distributed at the wrong time of year for your product or service.
You tried to distribute your leaflets using local casual labour.
Your leaflet was badly printed and or designed.

All of these reasons were really the result of one thing and one thing only. You did not seek the advice of people expert in leaflet distribution, and for this reason, you have set your mind against the idea of doing another door drop campaign.

However, what If we told you that many small, medium, and large enterprises have made excellent profits from their leaflet campaigns, and spend £1 to get £2 or even as much as £10 in return, would this change your mind?

How to understand your Return On Investment

The way to get a good ROI is to understand that leaflet distribution is part of your marketing plan. The companies who make money from door drops know this and treat it seriously. Too many people think it is just about delivering a few leaflets then sitting back and hoping for the best.

[Roi Calculation]

They also make the mistake of believing that a leaflet campaign is just to generate orders when the real reason for the campaign is to collect customers, customers who could provide profits for your company for many years to come.

Of course, orders are a very important part of a leaflet campaign, but many business owners stop when the orders stop arriving, not realising they may be ignoring other opportunities to increase the ROI from their campaign.

Companies selling big-ticket items such as conservatory’s or loft conversions should not ignore the enquiries that did not initially result in a prospect buying. They should follow up these near misses, discover the objections, and overcome them. One or two extra orders would greatly increase the ROI from their campaign.

Businesses selling services such as garden maintenance or house cleaning should really take the long view on their customers, looked after properly these people could provide revenue for many years, and provide a very healthy return on investment from a leaflet campaign.

What to do

So if you are one of those business owners who have been disillusioned with leaflet distribution, why not take a fresh look at the medium.

Take advice from the experts, work with them, and plan your door drop campaign. Then take out your pocket calculators to see how much money you can make from a well thought out leaflet distribution.


Design, Print & Deliver

The UK has only a handful of companies that can provide a unique combination of impactful leaflet design, high-quality yet affordable printing and trackable distribution services under one roof and we are very proud to be one of those companies.

Shared Or Solus

A cost-effective, shared or "multi drop" delivery incorporates up to a maximum of four leaflets delivered together, sharing the distribution costs. A ‘solus-drop’ is delivered entirely on its own, which is more expensive to operate, but we are happy to provide.

GPS Tracked Deliveries

For years we provided a physical back-check on every distribution. However, companies would like to see for themselves that delivery has taken place, so we have introduced GPS trackers on delivery rounds. This shows our delivery person walked up a driveway and back down again, ensuring delivery. You can now choose which method you would prefer when you enquire.

Value For Money

At Your Service offer some of the best leaflet print prices in Europe due to it's vast print buying power, here are a few examples of the most popular sizes and weight's of paper.

Leaflet Distribution Jobs

We are looking for reliable, hardworking, trustworthy adults. A vehicle and telephone would be an advantage, as would previous experience. If you feel you have the right qualities we would love to hear from you.

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We are looking for reliable, hardworking, trustworthy adults. A vehicle and telephone would be an advantage, as would previous experience. If you feel you have the right qualities we would love to hear from you.










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