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At Your Service Marketing is able to provide a complete flyer distribution solution throughout Bristol and the surrounding areas.

Leaflet & flyer distribution is used effectively by the private and public sector as a reliable means of reaching the homes of the target audience. Written promotion offers a direct, fast and responsive solution for all businesses looking to ensure growth and prosperity. We pride ourselves on our adaptability, ensuring that our leaflet and flyer distribution services can be tailored to meet the precise needs of each and every client.

Flexible Approach

We offer fast, easy, cost effective solutions for your At Your Service Marketing and are flexible enough to accommodate most requirements we have a stringent and comprehensive reporting facility so you know when and how your leaflets are being distributed.
Our leaflet distribution solutions are guaranteed to be fulfilled with the minimum of delay.
Do you want to focus on specific streets or areas? Would you like to focus on certain types of residences? We are more than happy to accommodate custom requests. For example, you request that we avoid flats, our employees will avoid flats while distributing leaflets. It is this flexibility, combined with experience that gives At Your Service Marketing’s leaflet distribution service the ability to react promptly and enthusiastically to its customers needs.

Accurate Targeting

The door to door marketing solutions that we offer will cater for your campaign needs. We will target the ideal demographic in the relevant areas, we aim to get your product information into the right homes. We will discuss your complete requirements and we will create an effective campaign to maximise your exposure. Our success is your success.
You might wonder how your leaflets get delivered and how we work out who goes where. SIMPLE!! Each distributor is given a map of the area they are responsible for which is broken into zones and numbered.
Every three days the distributor contacts his/her manager and reports the zones which have been completed enabling the managers to back check promptly and efficiently. 
This allows us to make certain your distribution is being delivered in the right place and at the right time.


A Solus drop is where your leaflet is delivered entirely on its own therefore giving your leaflet complete attention by the home owner.


Sometimes referred to as shared, sometimes as multi-drop, this is where your leaflet could go out with up to 4 other leaflets.  We ensure that competitors DO NOT GO OUT TOGETHER.
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Design, Print & Deliver

The UK has only a handful of companies that can provide a unique combination of impactful leaflet design, high-quality yet affordable printing and trackable distribution services under one roof and we are very proud to be one of those companies.

Shared Or Solus

A cost-effective, shared or "multi drop" delivery incorporates up to a maximum of four leaflets delivered together, sharing the distribution costs. A ‘solus-drop’ is delivered entirely on its own, which is more expensive to operate, but we are happy to provide.

GPS Tracked Deliveries

For years we provided a physical back-check on every distribution. However, companies would like to see for themselves that delivery has taken place, so we have introduced GPS trackers on delivery rounds. This shows our delivery person walked up a driveway and back down again, ensuring delivery. You can now choose which method you would prefer when you enquire.

Value For Money

At Your Service offer some of the best leaflet print prices in Europe due to it's vast print buying power, here are a few examples of the most popular sizes and weight's of paper.

Leaflet Distribution Jobs

We are looking for reliable, hardworking, trustworthy adults. A vehicle and telephone would be an advantage, as would previous experience. If you feel you have the right qualities we would love to hear from you.

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We are looking for reliable, hardworking, trustworthy adults. A vehicle and telephone would be an advantage, as would previous experience. If you feel you have the right qualities we would love to hear from you.










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Whether you’re looking at utilising a distribution campaign for the first time & need some honest and informed advice or are a more experienced company looking for a reliable service provider, we welcome the opportunity to work together.

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